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THEOCHARAKIS SA was founded in 1959 and is the first Public Company of Theocharakis group of companies. A name that is now synonymous with a huge range of goods and machinery, covering a wide range of consumer and professional requirements.

Since the early 1960s, the company entered the market of Agricultural Tractors, representing UNIVERSAL Tractors, one of the leading Tractor Brands of the time.

In 1978, THEOCHARAKIS SA continued its successful course in the area, undertaking the Import and Representation of SAME Agricultural Tractors in Greece.

In 2001 DEUTZ-FAHR entrusted its name to THEOCHARAKIS SA with the import and representation in Greece of the leading Agricultural Tractors and Combine Harvesters DEUTZ-FAHR.

The Company has two large Exhibition Halls in Athens and Thessaloniki: Athens: in a space of 4,500m2, at the 7th km. of Athens - Lamia Highway, at the Acharnes junction. Thessaloniki: in a space of 5,000m2 at the 5th km of Thessaloniki - Katerini Highway, in Kalochori.

In addition, it has two large Garages and Spare Parts Warehouses in Athens and Thessaloniki. Athens: at the company's facilities at Aspropyrgos Beach. Thessaloniki: at the company's facilities at the 5th km of Thessaloniki - Katerini Highway, in Kalochori.

Partners Network of the company includes 90 points in the whole geographical area of Greece with experienced and well-trained Partners, with great availability in Spare Parts & ready to serve every customer.

Same Deutz-Fahr

They "nourish" evolution since 1920.

Their great history begins in Italy in 1920 when the Cassani brothers created the first diesel engine for tractors and in 1927 they launched the first diesel engine, which broke the tradition and brought new performance to this class.

That was just the beginning. The Cassani brothers continued research and experimentation with faster diesel engines in the area of ship navigation and aviation.

In 1942, anticipating the dynamic development of the market in agricultural machinery, Francesco Cassani founded SAME (Societa Accomandita Motori Endotermici) for the mass production of air-cooled agricultural tractors, in order to win the Gold Medal of the Italian Agricultural Academy in 1948 with a pioneer for the time harvester and the 10hp, compact tractor, Universale model.

The strong name of the SAME had already begun to be consolidated with innovations in post-war agriculture. The belief of SAME creator in air cooling technology continued with the evolution of its engines, to once again surpass itself with the first 4x4 tractor. And that was a world record. Another one that established the movement on all wheels, in agricultural machinery. The next step in the fertile field of this development was power. The company presents a wide range of differentiated power with the twin-cylinder DA25 engine, then the three-cylinder Super Cassani and then the single-cylinder Sametto.

To meet the growing demand, a new factory unit had to be set up in record time, which was achieved in 1956. An 80,000 m2 unit with a 250 meter workshop and three production lines of engines, tractor paint and assembly.

By 1957 production had already reached 3.000 tractors. From that moment on, SAME began to present a series of models and unique innovations that made history in European agriculture.

In 1965 Centauro, Leone & Manitauro models were the first tractors to gain worldwide recognition and establish SAME internationally. 1972 was the year of the Drago model, with the 100-horsepower six-cylinder engine, followed by the five-cylinder Panther the following year.

In 1995 SAME acquired the German giant Kloeckner - Humboldt - Deutz, the agricultural machinery department, together with the historical brand DEUTZ-FAHR and now forms the SAME DEUTZ-FAHR group which in 2003 became the main shareholder of DEUTZ AG, one of the largest independent manufacturers of professional diesel engines. Today the group is one of the leaders in the market, both in terms of construction and trade, able to compete with the largest manufacturers in the world. This position allows them to have the comfort of continuing to invest in innovation, something they do consistently from their first steps.