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Terms and Conditions

The website (hereinafter the “website”) operates under the management of the company under the trade name “THEOCHARAKIS SA”, which has its registered office in Athens, at 169 Athinon Avenue, and is the official and exclusive importer of new SAME and DEUTZ-FAHR vehicles and spare parts in Greece (hereinafter called “Company”, for the sake of brevity).

The use of the website is subject to the terms below. Access to and use of the website shall be deemed to be evidence of the fact that the visitor/user has examined, understood and accepted all the terms of use. In the event that the visitor/user does not agree with the terms of use hereof, he/she should not use the services and the content of the website.

These terms of use may be revised and updated at any time without prior notice, and, therefore, they concern and bind the user of the website separately for each log-in.


The entire content of the website, except for the explicitly indicated exceptions, which indicatively includes texts, graphics, images, photographs, designs, videos, sounds, etc. (hereinafter “content”), is the intellectual property of the Company and/or the companies under the trade names SAME and DEUTZ-FAHR, which have granted the Company the right to republish, use and post their intellectual property in whole or in part. The Company and/or SDF / SAME DEUTZ-FAHR / SAME / DEUTZ-FAHR reserve all the intellectual property rights concerning the content, which may not be republished, posted, printed out or used in any other manner, unless it is explicitly permitted hereby or by the content of the website, and is governed by the applicable laws on intellectual property.

The other products or services related to the pages of this website, which bear the marks of their respective organizations, companies, partners, associations or publishers, constitute their own intellectual and industrial property, and therefore the relevant liability shall be borne by these entities. Information that constitutes personal work and assets of its creators may be published in this website from time to time. In any case, the texts reflect personal opinions and are, according to the law, products of intellectual property, protected by the legal provisions on intellectual property, and, in particular, Law 2121/1993 and the relevant rules of Internet ethics.


The content of the website is made available to visitors/users for personal use. Non-commercial use and reproduction thereof in whole or in part is permitted, on the condition that the product reproduced is freely available through the Internet or another expedient means, and is accompanied by a clear and distinct reference to its source of origin. Any other use shall require express written permission by the copyright proprietor or holder. For any question concerning the rights of reproduction of any part of the content of the website, as well as for applications for approval of content reproduction, you can contact the company THEOCHARAKIS SA, at the contact details shown on the website.

The website contains information relating to the SAME, DEUTZ-FAHR products/services, as well as the promotion programs, the activities, and the services of the Company. The content of this website is exclusively provided for information purposes.

The Company shall make all reasonable endeavors to ensure that the information provided through the website is to the extent possible accurate, precise, updated, complete, correct, and available, but it shall by no means provide any guarantee or bear any liability for the accuracy, completeness, or authenticity of the information contained therein. The content of the website, including, inter alia, the images, designs, photographs, depictions, information, reports, specifications, features, prices, colors, etc. may be unilaterally amended, at the Company’s discretion, at any time, in accordance with the current laws and the commercial policy of the Company and/or the manufacturer.

It is likely that the products depicted bear optional equipment at an additional charge and/or that they are not imported in the Greek market.

The information provided on the website shall by no means substitute for the information provided to each party concerned through the authorized SAME/DEUTZ-FAHR traders upon such party’s visit to the exhibitions of SAME/DEUTZ-FAHR The SAME/DEUTZ-FAHR Authorized Distributor and/or Repairer is able to provide any information relating to the SAME/DEUTZ-FAHR products and services.

The purchase of any other SAME/DEUTZ-FAHR product is exclusively subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant sale agreement.


By using the e-mail service of the website, the visitor/user accepts the check of the origin of their message on the part of the Company, and the use thereof as and when deemed necessary by the Company, for the purpose of serving the visitor/user and/or for commercial and advertising purposes.

To avoid risks from computer viruses, the Company may refrain from opening, and delete any file sent to it by e-mail, especially when its source of origin is not identified.

Personal Data Protection

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Limitation of Liability - Disclaimer

The Company does not provide any guarantee about the completeness, accuracy, updatedness, commercial potential, non-breach, or suitability of the content of this website for any use, application, or purpose.

The Company shall, under no circumstances, including in case of negligence, be held liable for any type of damage incurred by a user of the website pages, services, options and contents, which he/she shall use on his/her own initiative and being aware of these terms. Also, the Company does not warrant that the pages, services, options and contents will be provided without any interruption and will be free of errors, or that the errors will be corrected, or that answers will be given to all questions posed to it. Similarly, the Company does not guarantee that the website or any other related website or servers through which content is made available to visitors/users are provided free of ‘viruses’ or other harmful components. The cost of any corrections or repairs shall be borne by the visitor/user, and by no means by the Company.

Use of links to third-party websites

This website may contain links to other webpages. In no case whatsoever shall the Company be liable for the content, the terms of personal data protection, the privacy policies, or the accuracy of the material contained therein. If the visitor/user decides to use any of the third-party websites, through the links of the website, they shall accept that they act so under their own liability.

Applicable law and other terms

The above terms and conditions of use of the website, as well as any amendment or change thereof shall be governed by the current Greek laws. If any provision of the above terms is found to contradict the above legal framework or becomes ineffective, it shall ipso jure cease to apply and shall be removed from these terms, without, in any case, prejudice to the validity of the other terms. These terms constitute the total agreement between the website operator and the visitor/user of the pages and services thereof. No amendment of these terms shall be taken into account or become part of this agreement, unless it has been stated in writing and integrated herein.

It is hereby expressly agreed that any disputes arising from the application of these terms and the overall use of the website by the visitor/user shall be governed by the Greek law, and unless they are resolved in out-of-court proceedings, they shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Athens courts.