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Max Power

116Hp / 86.5Kw

Max Torque

462 NM




With over 130,000 units sold since 1983, Explorer is one of the most popular SAME tractors of all time. Today, the Explorer is equipped with a number of additional features, and the range has been extended, making it the ideal working companion for every farmer looking for a versatile, comfortable and reliable machine on which they can depend at all times. The new Explorer is available in 8 models, with 3 versions (LD-MD-HD) that can be customised further, and a choice of two different configurations. A range of options are available, with 3 or 4 cylinder engines, 3 types of hydraulic system, 3 different wheelbases, high-efficiency purely-mechanical gearbox or gearbox with powershift gear ratios, and much more besides... The new Explorer range offers the ultimate in safety, quality and performance, with low costs of ownership.

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Power, low fuel consumption and affordable costs of ownership

All Explorer models are fitted with the latest version of the FARMotion, a family of engines designed specifically for agricultural use which guarantee even higher levels of performance and reliability along with low costs of ownership. These engines feature an electronically-controlled high-pressure Common Rail injection system (up to 2000 bar), and optimised 962 cm³ cylinder capacity. Available with either 3 or 4 cylinders, these FARMotion engines dramatically improve the manoeuvrability and pull capacity of the new Explorer range. The engine powering the HD (110-120) version complies with the requirements of Stage IV emissions compliance with an exhaust aftertreatment system consisting solely of an SCR catalytic converter, while the FARMotion engines in MD (90-90.4-100-110) and LD (80-90) models comply with Stage III B emissions standards and are equipped with a DOC catalytic converter only. Neither of the post-treatment systems require periodic regeneration or routine maintenance.

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Always in the right gear to avoid wasting power unnecessarily

Both the purely mechanical gearboxes and those equipped with Powershift in the new Explorer range allow you to select the perfect gear for every application. Available with 4 or 5 gears, the gearshift can be integrated into the Powershift (Hi-Lo/HML) modules as well as into underdrive and supercreeper gears, offering a minimum of 8FWD+8REV (4 gears x 2 ranges) up to a maximum of 60FWD+60REV (5 gears x 3 Powershift x 4 ranges). Regardless of the option selected, all Explorer gearboxes guarantee high levels of performance, transmitting all the power required to the wheels whilst minimising dispersion. The front and rear differentials and the front wheel drive on all of the Explorer models feature an electro-hydraulic coupling system.

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PTO & Hydravlics
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Maximum efficiency at all times

The Explorer range also features a hydraulic system which is perfectly suited to the various requirements of a whole host of applications, from a pump which delivers 55 l/min to the "60ECO" version, which can deliver up to 60 l/min at just 1600 rpm. Furthermore, the two models at the top of the range both feature an innovative dual-pump combination which can deliver up to 90 l/min, coupled with rear distributors with a high flow rate. The Explorer boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 5,410 kg at the back and 2,100 kg at the front. For operations with the PTO, all models are equipped with a modulated electro-hydraulic coupling as standard, along with the most popular 540/540ECO engine speeds as well as the more modern 1000 and 1000ECO options, in addition to the synchronised PTO with independent output shaft. In addition, the front PTO can provide up to 1,000 rpm.

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Sometimes, days are long on a tractor. But with the Explorer, it's always a pleasure!

The unique style of the Explorer range also serves to set it apart from the competition - yet another characteristic which has led to it being celebrated as a point of reference in its category. The 4-pillar cab offers exceptional external visibility, and has been further improved and updated to provide a more pleasant, functional and comfortable environment for the driver. All of the functions around the operator's seat are characterised by an innate ease of use, with the "color line" feature across all of the working units and overall operating comfort, allowing the operator to work in harmony with the machine right from the start. The cab is also suspended with the new "Silent Hydro-Block" technology, another innovative feature not present on previous versions, further improving the cab insulation and separation from the body of the machine, for improved protection against vibration and noise.

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