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Max Power

76Hp / 56.7Kw

Max Torque

341 NM




Available in a choice of two versions (LS and GS), the new SAME Frutteto S/V Classic family offers exclusive technology for the specialist segment - the ActiveDrive independent articulated quadrilateral adaptive hydropneumatic front suspension system. SAME Frutteto S and V Classic tractors are the ideal solutions for the unique needs of the vineyard and fruit orchard. Boasting a very tight turning circle, these new models are extraordinarily nimble. State of the art FARMotion 35 engines work in conjunction with class-beating transmissions to deliver impressive performance and fuel economy, and to offer the ideal ratio for every task. 

Superior efficiency, manoeuvrability and comfort. These are the three key strengths of the SAME Frutteto S and V Classic family of tractors, the product of the constructor's extensive experience in this field and continuous commitment to introducing significant improvements and technological innovation in its products.

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Power and torque delivery optimised for agricultural applications.

The tractors of the Frutteto S/V Classic family are equipped with state of the art FARMotion 35 engines, powerplants with extraordinarily compact overall dimensions contributing to giving these machines the shortest wheelbase in their class. Compliance with Stage V B emissions standards applicable for this power class is attained simply with a diesel oxidative catalyst (DOC) and a particulate filter (DPF), a maintenance-free aftertreatment solution ensuring lower operating costs. Electronically controlled Common Rail fuel injection improves torque and power delivery while also reducing fuel consumption. The most suitable engine speed for a given type of work can be memorised, and is then kept at a constant level even as the tractor load varies, offering precise and consistent operation and efficiency under all conditions.

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Modular, efficient and highly configurable. The best in the sector.

The extraordinarily versatile and efficient transmissions of the Frutteto S/V Classic family are the product of SAME's many years of extensive experience in the specialised tractor segment. All transmission variants are based on a 5 speed main gearbox with 3 ranges, with a wide choice of configuration options available for unparalleled versatility and efficiency. In addition to the supercreeper gear included as standard, these transmissions can also be equipped with a 3 stage Powershift and an electrohydraulic power shuttle. The configurations available range from an all-mechanical base variant with 30+15 speeds up to a range-topping Powershift transmission with electrohydraulic reverse shuttle offering a total of 45 speeds in both directions. The latter also comes with “Stop&Go” functionality, which increases the potential of the shuttle, above all in situations in which the tractor must remain stationary, when attaching equipment, or during uphill starts. Machines equipped with Powershift also include the Comfort Clutch function, which lets the operator shift gear effortlessly using a practical button on the gear lever to operate the clutch instead of the clutch pedal. The transmissions of the Frutteto S/V Classic family also include an upgraded Overspeed function, which allows for a road speed of 40 km/h attained at lower, more fuel-efficient engine speeds.

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PTO & Hydravlics
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Created to be the best in its class.

The hydraulic system features 38+26 l/min dual tandem pumps to optimise hydraulic oil delivery in relation to the effective needs of the task. These machines also offer unparalleled scope for configuring the number and layout of the distributors equipping the tractor, with up to 3 rear distributors available (for rear 6 couplers in total) with flow regulator plus an additional 4 mid-mounted couplers duplicating those at the rear. The rear linkage boasts a capacity of up to 2600 kg, and is also available in an electronically-controlled version; while a 1500 kg front lift is also available on request, in combination with the 1000 rpm front PTO. The rear PTO (with multiplate wet clutch) can operate at all four of the speeds typical of speciality tractors, namely 540/1000/540 ECO and synchronised, the latter of which is optional on the PTO. The product offering is completed by the electro-hydraulic control function which governs the rear lift stabilisers and tie-rod.

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A four-pillar cab offering unrivalled all-round visibility.

The structure remains slim and compact, with no sharp edges or corners on the hood or roof, ensuring safe, easy passage even between the most narrowly-spaced rows, without damaging the crop. This attention to detail also extends to the cab trim, with soundproofing and vibration damping materials used for unparalleled comfort. The uncluttered 4 pillar cab of the new SAME Frutteto S/V family sets new benchmarks for the specialised tractor segment. All the main controls are organised rationally in accordance with the latest principles for ergonomics, and grouped by function in a clearly understandable colour-coded layout. With their perfect excellent weight distribution, ideal balance between a low centre of gravity and ample ground clearance, and disc brakes on all 4 wheels, these tractors offer an immediate sense of extraordinary safety, stability and total control.

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