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Max Power

116Hp / 86.5Kw

Max Torque

472 NM




SAME Frutteto tractors, the most advanced and appreciated specialised tractors on the market, are now available in a practical and affordable version with foldable front ROPS. The perfect combination of FARMotion 35 and 45 engines and high output transmissions guarantees exceptional performance with extremely limited consumption and ultimate comfort. The new open station versions feature all the positive traits of the cab versions in terms of ergonomics, ease of use, and configurability. Superb weight distribution, an optimal balance between a low centre of gravity and high ground clearance, not to mention disc brakes on all four wheels, guarantee safety and stability even when working on sloping terrain.

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Compact, clean technology for class-beating performance.

SAME Frutteto tractors can be equipped with 3 or 4 cylinder FARMotion 35 and 45 engines, offering the customer even more scope to configure the perfect tractor for their needs, choosing a 3 cylinder unit for superlative compactness and a shorter wheelbase, or a 4 cylinder engine, with one of the largest displacements in this class, for maximised performance. Both versions are bristling with high tech solutions such as 2000 bar common rail fuel injection, the PowerCore air filtration system and a viscostatic fan, which help these engines deliver impressive performance while minimising fuel consumption and emissions. The entire exhaust aftertreatment package used to attain compliance with the stringent new Stage V emissions standards has been integrated intelligently into the engine bay area by SAME's engineers to maintain the tapered, sloped cowl profile needed for unobstructed forward visibility.

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The right gear ratios for work between the rows and travel on the road.

The transmission for the open station SAME Frutteto was developed with efficiency and modularity in mind. Starting from a gearbox with 4 or 5 gears, various combinations are available ranging from the simplest 12+12 speed version all the way to the fullest configuration with 30+30 speeds obtained thanks to a 2-stage (Hi-Lo) powershift module. All transmission options reach a maximum speed of 40 km/h, even at reduced revs on versions with 5 gears (15+15, 30+15, 30+30) thereby increasing fuel efficiency during transport operations or when travelling on the road. All versions are equipped with creeper gear ratios as standard, allowing the user to advance at speeds of between 187 and 295 metres per hour, depending on the configuration, with the engine at maximum revs.

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PTO & Hydravlics
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Powerful and flexible hydraulics to suit all the implements used.

To meet the needs of specialised crop applications such as fruit orchards, vineyards and nurseries, SAME Frutteto tractors are offered with a highly configurable hydraulic system with maximum oil flow rates ranging from 48 to 68 l/min. On all variants, the main circuit feeds oil exclusively to the distributors and lift. A choice of different distributor configurations is also offered to cater for every possible need. The rear lift has an impressive lift capacity of 3130 kg, which can be increased to 3940 kg using the supplementary lift cylinders.

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Ultimate comfort thanks to a platform suspended on Hydro Silent-Block mounts.

The level of comfort offered by the SAME Frutteto is top notch. Designed according to the latest ergonomic standards, the driver's seat features a platform that is separated from the powertrain by special Hydro Silent-Block mounts, significantly reducing the vibrations transmitted to the driver. The height of the steering wheel is adjustable, the controls are laid out ergonomically, and the conventional SAME colour scheme ensures simple, intuitive use. To increase the agility of the new Frutteto tractors, two platforms are available with different shapes designed to minimise the mudguard-level footprint: just 1.18 m with the most suitable tyres.

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